By now, Americans are very aware that the Democrats might claim that inflation isn’t that big of a deal or that gas prices surging is normal. Still, the truth is – the country is on a downward spiral unless the Biden administration changes course immediately.

Thanks to the leadership of President Joe Biden, gas prices continue to climb as millions of families wonder how they are going to make ends meet with winter right around the corner. But while those families hurt, President Biden recently spoke at a press conference where he was even amazed by the price of gas.


As for inflation, the Democrats have come up with several explanations around the current spike. While they might suggest there is nothing to worry about, the former director of the National Economic Council said otherwise. 

Speaking with Chris Cuomo on CNN, the former director, Larry Summers, once worked under former President Barack Obama. Having worked with both Republicans and Democrats, Summers doesn’t seem to care which side of the aisle a person sits on. He is a man of numbers and finance.

And while CNN might have been hoping that Summers would ease Americans’ worries, he did the exact opposite as Cuomo couldn’t do anything but watch. 

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As you can see in the video above, Summers didn’t hold back as he held the policymakers accountable, which are the Democrats. He said, “I think that the policymakers in Washington, unfortunately, have almost every month been behind the curve. They said it was transitory doesn’t look so transitory. They said it was due to a few specific factors, doesn’t look to be a few specific factors.”