There is no denying it. The Democrats and the liberal media are scared. While President Joe Biden might have won the 2020 election, his 11 months in office have done the Democrats no favors. And the hits just keep coming as now rumors within the White House are claiming Biden is looking to fire his Vice President Kamala Harris. With disaster after disaster and scandals and rumors, the future for the Democrats looks bleak. Not to mention, their mass media propaganda machine that is CNN, is also bleeding viewers. As both the midterm and presidential elections are right around the corner, it appears the liberals are downright scared of the next wave of red. 

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Speaking on “New Day,” which it is about to be, CNN chief domestic correspondent Jim Acosta suggested that unless the Democrats act, America will have another insurrection on its hands. Still talking about the Capitol Hill riot, where only one person died, and it was a protester, Acosta said, “Yeah, we had a coup attempt in this country. We just have to come to grips with that. We have to deal with that reality, and we have to get to the bottom of it. I was talking to a couple of sources on the January 6 committee. One of these sources said unless Merrick Garland acts and compels these witnesses to testify, that is going to severely undercut the strength of the committee.”

For almost a year, the Democrats have suggested that the Capitol Hill riot was the start of a Civil War. Still, the facts are – one person died at the hands of a federal officer, BLM has done way more damage, yet over 600 Capitol protesters have been arrested. And how many BLM rioters have been arrested? 

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Still, as you can see in the video above, Acosta, like the rest of the Democrats, is completely frightened of the coming power shift. The polls, experts, and even the Democrats themselves know that the Republicans already have a 10 point lead going into the midterms. And with Biden at the helm, 2024 doesn’t look good. 

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Although it is the left’s own doing, Acosta continued to spin a narrative that Republicans are extremists who promote violence and anarchy in America. He added, “What we’re dealing with right now is a cowardice pandemic. We have Republicans who are unwilling to police their own ranks. And until we have that day come, we’re going to be caught in the grips of the MAGA come back, and they’re coming back, and mainly because we’re letting them come back. Not that there is anything wrong with a political movement rising up in this country, but at the heart of it, when at the heart of it is a coup attempt, and people who want to undermine our democracy, there is a very serious problem.”

Again, one simple search of the BLM riots paints an entirely different picture of which party promotes violence and extremists. 

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