Sometimes the most simple of questions can boil it all down and eliminate the noise being spewed by all these people who don’t have to live with the results of your personal medical choices.

This question, if you research for the answer and look at the track records, it does just that.




“You are telling me it’s needed. It’s required. It will stave off COVID-19. I just have one question before I put the vaccine in my arm, and I challenge all of us to ask this question and wait for an answer. Are you ready? Here we go. Why the f**k should we trust you mother f**kers? I’ll wait.” – Man who makes a serious point

Research Big Pharma’s criminal history and how much they’ve paid out in settlements over the years.

If you still trust Big Pharma and those in Big Media and Big Tech that cover for them, then, by all means, go ahead and take the experimental jab.

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After all, it’s your body, your choice, right?

Just know that you’re not crazy or alone if you’re not buying into all the propaganda being pushed.


Just take a look at some of these comments about this clip…

“I trust them to lie, cheat, deceive and steal your money and your rights.”

“Good one, mate. Why should we trust these corrupt politicians and pharmaceutical companies.”

“He’s bang on the money, and that’s almost the majority of the reason I’m refusing it.”

“in all my life, they have never given me anything good because they now want to give me something good if in 47 years they have never given me anything. because I have to trust someone I can’t trust.”

“The same people that are telling you that you must take the jab are the same people who are going to profit from you taking the jab. Conflict of interest much!!! All they do is lie. Even when they get caught lying, they try to get out of it with another lie. I’ll keep my bodily sovereignty, thanks.”

“Exactly! Why should we trust them? They’ve done nothing but lie to us since the beginning of this “plandemic” mess.”

“Yes, well, you’ll be waiting a long time for an answer that makes sense on that question.”

“Once upon a time when we were all so damned innocent, we all stupidly believed that the Government cared about our welfare. But now we’ve discovered we were wrong, wrong, wrong, and they don’t give a damn about any of us. Even the ones who are vaxxed. If anything goes wrong with someone who’s been vaxxed, the doctors and nurses tell them their symptoms are in their heads. So best to never give them an inch! They hate us all.”