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WATCH: Peter Doocy Corners Psaki With 2 Rittenhouse Questions, She Turns To Word Salad Deflections

Now that the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is over, the dust is starting to settle, and the liberal media and President Joe Biden are scared.

Throughout the entire trial and the months leading up to it, the media blasted Rittenhouse as being nothing more than a white supremacist who went looking for trouble.

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President Joe Biden tweeted out a video about white supremacy that just so happened to have a single shot of Rittenhouse in it to drive that point home even further. Either way, the jury found him not guilty, and with that – Rittenhouse is now speaking out, and he’s looking to save his name. 

While many Americans are calling on the teenager to file a massive defamation lawsuit against the liberal media, Rittenhouse has been relatively quiet on the subject. At least until he spoke with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, putting it simply, Rittenhouse described what President Biden did as malice. He said, “It’s actual malice, defaming my character, for him to say something like that.”

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Since the verdict, President Biden has only spoken on the matter one time, and he didn’t dare mention how his stance was entirely wrong. But while Biden might be able to run from the press, Press Secretary Jen Psaki had no other choice but to answer as Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked if the President will ever apologize for his wrongdoing. 

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Acting shocked, Psaki spins a web of confusion, trying to steer the Biden administration out of any wrongdoing as they and the world know – the lawsuit is coming!