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WATCH: Pfizer’s Long Shady History: Racketeering, Bribes, Buying Approvals, Children As Human Guinea Pigs…

It just so happens that while America and the rest of the world struggled with containing the COVID-19 virus from spreading and ending humanity, companies like Pfizer were hard at work developing a vaccine.

Although vaccines take years to study and perfect, Pfizer did it in record time as both the FDA and Democrats backed it. Even President Joe Biden has made it a focal point of his administration. But although Pfizer might have created the COVID-19 vaccine, which still doesn’t stop the spread of coronavirus, apparently the company has a dark past of bribing, racketeering, buying approvals, and using children to test their drugs. 


The video featured below dives deep into the past of Pfizer and how many times the company has been caught participating in shady practices.

But remember, this is the same company behind the COVID-19 vaccine that President Biden is trying to force on every American.

And for those who might believe these are small incidents, the video literally states,” Pfizer received the biggest criminal fine in US history as part of a $2.3 billion settlement with federal prosecutors for mis-promoting medicines and for paying kickbacks to compliant doctors. Pfizer pleaded guilty to misbranding the painkiller Bextra by promoting the drug for uses that were not approved by medical regulators.”

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Watch Below.