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WATCH: Ted Nugent Just Released A New Music Video, Biden & Garland Need To Hear It

Make no mistake about it. The Democrat’s main focus right now might be COVID-19 and enforcing unethical mandates. Still, there are several wars against the freedoms of Americans being waged by the left. On top of COVID-19, the Democrats are also trying to indoctrinate the youth of the future with the highly controversial critical race theory.

Not only that, but the left has also waged war against any person who believes it is their right to own a firearm, especially an assault rifle.

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Labeling these Americans as domestic terrorists, Nazis, and extremists, the Democrats have created a narrative that the country is on the brink of another Civil War. The only problem, the aggressors behind the issues facing America, come from the Democrats themselves. 

From attacking a person’s right to own a weapon to try to silence a sitting president, the left has pulled out every tactic they can think of to strip away at the fabric of America. And while they might think it is working, American country singer, and Patriot, Ted Nugent released a new music video showing that the spirit of America is stronger than ever.

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Watch below.