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WATCH: Teenager Drops More Knowledge About COVID In 1 Minute Than Most Liberal Pundits Have All Year

Now here is a young man standing in his convictions.

He makes some very valid points.

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“COVID-19, the pandemic it’s over. We don’t care anymore. The people who wanted the vaccine, they already got it. The people who don’t want the vaccine, we’re still not going to get it. Nothing is going to change. I’m not waiting for permission from Dr. Fauci or Joe Biden or the W.H.O. You don’t rule over me. I’m not your subject. I’m a free citizen in a free country. And you do not get to tell me what to do. In this country, We the People hold the power, and the government does not have the authority to mandate that I do anything and nor does any employer. So you can mandate stuff all day long. We don’t care. We’ll shut the whole thing down. You want to keep the economy running. You better not mandate vaccines. You want to keep your private business open. You better not mandate vaccines. Have fun running a business with 50% of your staff because people are standing up. They’re sick and tired of being told what to do by people who don’t have the authority to tell them what to do. We’re taking our country back. It doesn’t matter. Whatever mandate you put out, we’re going to ignore it. You can take your mandates, your vaccines, your masks, your passports, and you can shove them all up your collective buttholes because we don’t care.” – 

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If you are one of our regular readers, everything he said should come as no surprise.

In case you’re not, here are a few comments about this video that we found online and drive home the point…

“I feel the same way. If I’m told to take the jab or be fired. Fire me. I don’t want to make it easier for you to kill me with that death jab. Suck farts.”

“Right on, Son! You are Smarter than 99% of Adults I hear talking!”

“This gives me so much hope. I know many his age who are totally brainwashed.”

“He is right…no workers working and no one buying their crap…that will make businesses change their tune. Stand up for your rights to be free!”

“He’s well educated. It speaks more sense than most people. 100% right. If everyone stood together, our freedoms would not be in jeopardy.”

“Damn right, man. I love the spirit, but I’m afraid ruining the country is exactly what they have in mind, so you’re gonna have to find some other way to be heard. Still, keep it up. don’t be forced into compliance.”