Did Terry Bradshaw’s negative comments against Aaron Rodgers expose the collusion between Big Media and Big Pharma?

Bradshaw railed against Rodgers for making his own personal medical decision of not taking the so-called vaccine against COVID-19.


He called him a liar for previously stating that he was ‘immunized.” Rodgers has publicly stated that he has taken Ivermectin to treat the Chinese virus.

Bradshaw claims that Ivermectin is a cattle de-wormer. Ivermectin is one of the most widely used medicines to treat COVID-19 around the world. It is and has been prescribed by doctors for this, and other things, for decades with very few side effects.


If it becomes widely known that Ivermectin works to treat COVID-19, Big Pharma stands to lose BILLIONS in profits from their so-called vaccines.

Terry Bradshaw works for FOX, which is ‘owned’ (technically leased for seven years in December 2017) by The Walt Disney Company.

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The two largest shareholders of The Walt Disney Company and Pfizer are Vanguard Group and BlackRock.


Now with all of that context in mind, take a look at the video clip of what Terry said…




“I give Aaron Rodgers some advice. It would have been nice if he could just come to the Naval Academy and learn how to be honest. Learn not to lie because that’s what you did, Aaron. You lied to everyone. I understand immunized, but you were doing was taking stuff that would keep you from getting COVID-19. You got COVID-19. Ivermectin is a cattle de-wormer Sorry, folks. That’s what it is. We are a divided nation politically. We’re a divided nation on the COVID-19 whether or not to take the vaccine, and unfortunately, we’ve got players that pretty much think only about themselves, and I’m extremely disappointed and the actions of Aaron Rodgers.” – Terry Bradshaw

So now, with the financial ties between all of these different entities and people, was Terry being selfish and saying what he said in order to keep his job?

Would Bradshaw face financial repercussions if he spoke the truth about Ivermectin?

There’s a lot to unpack, and it’s not just the ‘FOLLOW THE MONEY’ angle. There’s also loads of hypocrisy and fake outrage considering all of the different other legal troubles of many other NFL players, but I’ll leave that for another time other than highlighting a few comments from around the internet regarding what Bradshaw said.


Here they are…

“So Rodgers seems to be doing well. Maybe what’s being lost in all this is that his proactive medication and treatment since is working and should be looked into as an alternative to the mandated vaccine.”

“Bradshaw had five wives and is talking about honesty.”

“I’m waiting for this much attention to be paid to Ruggs. It seems like I’ll be waiting for a while. MF killed someone and is out of the news cycle in less than 24 hours. Rodgers made a personal medical decision, and it’ll be talked about for weeks. SMH”

“At the end of the day, it’s no one’s business if he did or he didn’t. This is FAR from the worst thing an NFL player has ever done… I mean, beating your partner is a-ok, but standing up for your rights is wrong. Hypocrisy at its finest.”

“This is bullshit. Taking the vaccine does not protect you from getting COVID, nor does it keep you from passing COVID. The gross misinformation here is irresponsible.”