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The U.S. military is in steep decay these days. They can’t win a war against a few thousand Taliban jihadis fighting with obsolete Soviet rifles. They’re paying for free transgender surgeries on soldiers. They’re promoting critical race theory and having officers get in pissing matches with Tucker Carlson on Twitter. And of course, right now they’re planning to purge tens of thousands of soldiers for refusing to submit to a vaccine that pretty much none of them need to protect themselves from a virus that poses almost no risk to them.

But of course, with all the rot happening nationally it’s no surprise that our service academies are just as bad if not worse. For years, academic and disciplinary standards at the service academies have been disappearing, for the sake of helping the school athletic teams and making sure the sacred cow of diversity isn’t harmed.

And then there are the vaccine mandates. Yesterday Edward Szall told us how three West Point cadets have been kicked out of West Point for refusing the vaxx mandate. When these three cadets first resisted the vaxx, they were all placed in a special unvaccinated “dirty” platoon. They were subjected to twice-a-week testing just to torment them. They were forced to attend reeducation briefings. They were confined to the base and not allowed to leave. They were kicked off their athletic teams. And then, finally, they were targeted for expulsion. They were denied an attorney and then pressured to sign paperwork stating that they were willfully violating orders, orders they believed were illegal.

Hannah Macdonald is one of those cadets. She was deeply involved in campus religious ministries while she was at West Point, and tells us she took seriously the commandment to “take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” Towards that end, she joined the show to discuss.

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