Although governments worldwide don’t want to admit it, there are numerous side effects to the COVID-19 shot that aren’t being discussed. Almost on a daily basis, there are videos uploaded online and stories surfacing about completely healthy people taking a turn for the worse after they got the COVID-19 shot.

Even though the supposed vaccine was fast-tracked and approved in record time, the governments appear to be so confident in the miracle drug that they purposely attacked any alternative treatment like Ivermectin.

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But while governments try to force the jab on the general public, doctors are coming forward, blowing the whistle on the potential dangers of the COVID-19 shot. 

In the video, which is featured below, Dr. Aseem Malhotra discusses the supposed vaccine created by companies like Pfizer and Moderna when he revealed that a cardiology whistleblower found an increased risk of heart attacks following the mRNA COVID shot. 

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While side effects from the COVID-19 jab have been reported since the first dose was available, the governments continue to back it. It has gotten to the point that many governments are forcing the general public between giving up their medical freedom and keeping their jobs. And according to Dr. Malhotra, it all has to do with money. 

Speaking about the COVID-19 drug, Dr. Malhotra admitted, “They aren’t going to publish their findings. They are concerned about losing research money from Big Pharma.”

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