VERO BEACH, FL – Most Americans have probably never heard the name Andrew Coffee IV, or if they have, they likely haven’t heard it mentioned during the entirety of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

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Which really makes no sense, because both Coffee and Rittenhouse were on trial for murder. Both were acquitted. Further, both were acquitted on the SAME DAY.

So why did the Rittenhouse trial get nonstop media attention, and hardly anyone outside of the courtroom even knew of Coffee’s?

Let’s see. Coffee is black. Rittenhouse is white.

Alteria Woods, for whose murder Coffee stood trial, is black.

Although reports will conflict this fact, all three men shot by Rittenhouse were white.

The media portrayed Rittenhouse throughout the entire past 15 months since the August incident as a white supremacist. Woke celebrities encouraged the narrative, even after a jury of his (slightly older) peers found him to be not guilty of the charges lodged against him. Gun control groups like March For Our Lives are assisting with that narrative, saying that Rittenhouse is the very embodiment of “armed white supremacist culture.”

These dangerous entities can’t use Coffee to further their narrative that America is racist, so they ignore him.

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Interestingly, had Coffee’s trial been last year, it likely would have gotten more attention since police were blamed for Woods’ death by Coffee’s defense team for allegedly not announcing themselves upon entry. They could have shouted from the rooftops that, although the law enforcement officers involved were exonerated by a grand jury, it was due to police violence or neglect of duty that got Woods killed.

But now, it’s becoming very apparent that America is tired of the “defund the police” movement. No one wants to hear it anymore, not with how it’s failed across the nation in major cities having followed through with stripping their law enforcement agencies of funding while crime skyrockets.

They can’t use Coffee to push their leftist, Marxist agenda and attempt to divide and destroy American from within how they’ve been trying so very hard to for decades, and specifically in the last 20 or so months.

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And so, the media doesn’t even give him the time of day. While they drag Rittenhouse through the mud.

Coffee’s trial involved the shooting death of his girlfriend, Alteria Woods, and shooting at Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputies who’d entered Coffee’s home during a SWAT drug raid in 2017.

Coffee’s attorneys claimed that police did not announce themselves upon entering, and Coffee shot in self defense. Police fired back at him, and Woods was shot 10 times, later dying from her injuries.

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While Coffee was found guilty for a felon in possession of a firearm (which carries up to 30 years in prison), he was found not guilty for Woods’ murder.

So…the police involved in the shooting were exonerated of wrongdoing in Woods’ death. And now Coffee was just found not guilty. Yet Woods, who, by the way, was pregnant, was shot 10 times and died.

So who is responsible for her death? What closure and assured justice does her family get?

Apparently, no one, and none. But Rittenhouse is touted as the criminal?

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