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Wisconsin Man Calls for Kyle Rittenhouse to be Murdered if Acquitted

HAMMOND, WI – A 25-year-old Wisconsin-based man, who fancies himself as a recording artist, published a call for Kyle Rittenhouse to be murdered in the event the 18-year-old on trial is acquitted.

In a now-deleted post, the Twitter user “J. Chrles” whose handle is @rugratking posted a call for someone to murder Rittenhouse on November 15th in the instance that Rittenhouse is found to be not guilty by the jury.

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“Might end up in a watchlist for this, but if Kyle Rittenhouse doesn’t get convicted, I hope somebody in his community jumps and kills him.”

Hours after his tweet went viral, the Twitter user deleted the post due to the tweet having violated Twitter’s rules regarding threats of violence. However, the Twitter user piggybacked off the notoriety it achieved by responding to the criticism with “Man…I’m really surprised that so many people give a shit what I have to say.”

Luckily, screenshots were captured of the offending social media post – thus fulfilling the prophetic adage that the internet is forever.

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The Twitter user in question happens to be a Hammond, Wisconsin-based rapper who performs under the stage name J. Chrles [5], whose real name is Joseph Charles Jorgensen. The 25-year-old recording artist [6] had reportedly grown up in Minnesota and later attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

An Instagram account [7] for Jorgensen has remained relatively dormant over the past couple of years, primarily serving as a vehicle for promoting his music (that has not reached that far of an audience based upon the Soundcloud streaming numbers available for him.)

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It’s of little surprise to learn that Jorgensen is a Bernie Sanders supporter [9], considering that a strong disdain of Rittenhouse – to the point of calling for his murder – is often accompanied with those simping for Democrats.

While Twitter at least took the appropriate move in having the tweet removed from the platform, the bigger issue at hand is that such sentiments – from someone residing in Wisconsin, no less – are being spread in anticipation of a verdict in the Rittenhouse trial that some may not like.

These are exactly the sort of incendiary social media posts that lead to the very issues that plagued cities like Kenosha in 2020, leading to riots, criminal damage, and the likes of convicted pedophiles and miscreants running after and trying to harm a 17-year-old boy.