As many of you may know, I spent an entire decade of my life engulfed in the throes of addiction. My 20’s were spent using IV heroin, smoking methamphetamine, staying up for three days at a time, sleeping for four, and hustling for drugs. By the grace of Jesus Christ, I was saved from this death sentence and set free from the bondage of addiction, yet one of the habits I still to this day cannot break is buying crappy, low-budget food.

Back then, If I had $13 dollars and hadn’t eaten for three days, I would buy drugs and a McDouble. I even remember scraping together quarters for dollar store food while I had $80 dollars in my pocket because I was saving my money for my next fix. Addiction will drive you to the brink of insanity, and poisoning yourself with genetically modified slop is honestly the least of your worries when you’re literally smoking rat poison. Eating healthy was not a priority for me, and I still find myself in the present with a great job and plenty of money in the bank, still shopping at the Dollar Tree for “cheese.”

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Then last week, everything changed.

I tried to make toasted cheese in the toaster oven. The cheese would not melt. I even burnt the toast, and the pasteurized cheese product STILL would not melt. Also, gasses were released by the heated “cheese” and it protected the bread in contact with the heat as well. I then asked myself, “what exactly have I been putting in my body?”

The entire landscape of agriculture and nutritional information and education isn’t just upside down and backward, it’s designed to do exactly what it has done: to make us sick, fat, and stupid. Because when you’re perpetually diseased, lethargic, and gullible, they can do the sort of wizardry of the last two years and have 70% of the world’s population sit with mouths agape, staring dumbfounded at the magic lightbox in their living rooms, stuffing their faces with poisonous slop as Anderson Cooper warns of the “Nu” variant of corona doom that will require fetuses to get vaccinated before they’re allowed to exit the womb.

It wasn’t too long ago, perhaps 3, maybe 4 generations, when every American family had some modicum of self-sufficiency in the form of livestock like a goat, cow, or pig, some chickens for eggs, a small garden of vegetables, or fruit. They had the ability to produce the majority of the calories they needed to survive on their own property. Obesity was less than 10%…yet they ate more than we do today. In fact, in 1939, the average American ate about 3,500 calories per day. Today we consume an average of 3,600 calories per day. Except obesity rates are above 42%. And it’s not just because generations prior were more physically active. A well-to-do, sedentary male was eating on average 4,400 calories per day and was expected to weigh 154lbs.

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The average weight of an American woman today? 166lbs. How did this happen? One of the primary causes is the introduction of industrial seed oils into our diet and their displacement of traditional sources of fat such as beef tallow, coconut oil, and the most common: butter.

Early in the 1900s, farmers discovered that they could fatten their livestock on fewer calories if they supplemented soybean oil in their feed. The result? Less food was required to make the livestock fattened up. The unsaturated oils from the soybeans suppressed the animal’s thyroid function resulting in a sluggish metabolism and an increase in body fat. So what would happen if – just spitballing here – there was a 1,000% increase in human consumption of this type of fat? Would the same thing occur? Apparently.

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We’re fatter and unhealthier than ever before and, more than this, we’re colder. By a whole degree. This might not seem like much, but if a low-grade fever is 99.6 degrees, why would we disregard a nationwide reduction in the temperature of about the same value? What’s going on?

We’re being fattened up by Them, fed chemical slop full of microplastics, xenoestrogens, phthalates, and polyunsaturated fatty acids that shrink men’s members, reduce female fertility and cause PCOS, decrease our metabolisms, increase our waist sizes, and keep us coming back to Big Pharma for the solution to what Big Agriculture did to us.

If you’re having trouble grasping how concerning it is that the answer to this query is not common sense, then the hypnotism is still in full effect and the fake food is doing its job. Also, you may want to invest in a water filter for your tap, because yeah, it is turning the frogs gay.

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Saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease. The fats that are used as machine lubricant (canola oil) and paint varnish (linseed oil) and lighter fluid (vegetable oil) cause heart disease. You’re not fat because you don’t have a gym membership, you’re fat because, for 3 generations, we’ve been poisoned by people who knew exactly what they were doing. The more seed oil we consume, the sicker we get. Refuse to participate. I made the decision about three days ago. It’s never too late to change your life around, and it’s never too late to buy cheese that actually melts.

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