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Brooks Witzke is the brother of our own producer Lauren Witzke. As you know, Lauren and her family are from Delaware, where she ran for Senate last year. Delaware doesn’t have many people, but what it does have is thousands of major corporations. Pfizer, BlackRock, Soros Fund Mangemement LLC, you name it: They’re all incorporated in Delaware. There’s a reason so many of these companies backed Joe Biden. He’d basically been their slave for all the decades he was in the Senate, and they paid him back by doing things like giving his worthless son Hunter free jobs he didn’t deserve.

Anyway, all those companies are headquartered in Delaware because the state has very favorable laws for corporations and because their state court system is favorable to them as well. And Delaware keeps it that way by controlling who is allowed to practice law in the state. In the rest of the country, you get a law degree, you pass the bar exam, and you’re a lawyer. But in Delaware, there are additional hurdles: You have to be resident in the state for at least 5 months before taking the bar exam, and you need a ten-year veteran of the bar, called a Preceptor, to vouch for you before you can be let in.

They do all this deliberately to keep people out of the Delaware legal system. Why do they do that? To protect major corporations from being sued there. Right now, simply finding a Delaware lawyer to sue a major corporation can be a huge barrier to real accountability.

Brooks Witke recently graduated near the top of his class at Concordia law but has been kept off the state bar by these powerful forces. Now, he’s filed a lawsuit to force these laws to be overturned, and if successful it won’t just matter for him. It could be one of the most profoundly impactful lawsuits in years, by allowing more lawyers onto the Delaware bar and opening the floodgates for real lawsuits against powerful corporate actors.

Brooks Witke joined the show to discuss. Donate to support the lawsuit here.

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