Ignoring science and facts, the Democrats announced their most Ludacris mandate yet when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio blindsided businesses by requiring the COVID-19 jab for all private sectors. There is no testing option included. And to push more government overreach, the new program will require children 5 and older to show proof of vaccination to enjoy fitness centers, restaurants, or the movies. But while the Democrats press harder given the new Omicron variant, they are blatantly avoiding stories like the 7-year-old girl who recently suffered a brain hemorrhage and stroke just one week after getting her first jab of the miracle Pfizer drug. 

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Writing about his niece in a Facebook post, which has since been removed, Barry Gewin shared the story of Harper and how she was fighting for her life after getting the COVID-19 jab. Posted on November 25th, Gewin informed readers that Harper was rushed to the hospital and was put in the intensive care unit due to her condition. 

Not able to visit her, Gewin was relying on information from his brother on Harper’s conditions. At one point, the situation looked grave as she wouldn’t sit up, walk, eat, or even drink. At that time, the doctors were still performing numerous tests to figure out what was causing the mysterious symptoms. 

Luckily, Harper’s condition started to change as Gewin was sent a video, featured below, of Harper walking in the ICU. 

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Over the weekend, Gewin posted another update and thanked people for their support as Harper was finally back home. After spending 9 days in the hospital, the uncle wrote that it was confirmed that the Pfizer shot was to blame for her sudden illness. 

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