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You may have noticed we’ve been talking a lot about Australia the last couple weeks. We’re doing that for a reason. Because as bad as things have been in America, Australia shows how things can still get worse, and the direction we could be headed.

Two years ago, Australia wasn’t some dictatorship like China. It was a democracy with regular elections that were fairer than ours. Australia isn’t an alien culture like South Korea. It speaks English. It’s a former British colony with English-derived laws. ‘

Australia was, until Covid, a relatively free country. But now, it’s a horrifying dystopia. It’s a hellscape where police will inspect your Starbucks cup to make sure it has coffee in it. It’s a country where you can be fined thousands of dollars for violating the ever-changing health rules.

How did this happen to Australia? It’s a country whose heritage is a lot like America. Its early settlers were pioneers who had to fend for themselves and carve out a living in a hostile country. This is a country with nine of the world’s ten deadliest snakes, plus the world’s most poisonous spiders and some of its most dangerous plants.

It’s a hard country, but now it has been forced to submit. Why? Well for one, the public has been substantially disarmed. After a mass shooting in Port Arthur, Tasmania, the government implemented one of the most aggressive gun grabs in human history. In just a few years, the government seized and destroyed more than a million guns, about one-third of all guns in the country. Now, to own a gun in Australia, you need a license, and to get that license you need to convince the government you have a valid reason to have it. And no, “self-defense” isn’t considered a valid reason. Nor is “I’m worried my government might be taken over by totalitarian psychopaths.”

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So in short, Australians are no longer citizens. They are subjects. They don’t get their rights from almighty God. They get them from an almighty government, which can strip them away whenever it feels like it.

A month ago, we spoke with Graham Hood, the Australian pilot who became a viral hero after he turned in his wings rather than submit to a vax mandate. Well, he’s still a hero and he’s leading the battle to salvage whatever freedom his can in his country.

Graham joined the show.

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