ARIZONA – Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has pre-filed 26 bills, the bulk of which she says aim for election integrity, border security, and gun laws, meant to be discussed during the 2022 legislative session.

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According to Freedom Times, some bills Rogers pre-filed include:

  • Election integrity measures: ballot paper; security measuresinvestigationsregulation of lobbyists, and election day as a state holiday.
  • President Donald J. Trump Day- SB 1042: “JUNE 14, in each year, shall be observed as President Donald J. Trump Day.
  • Appropriating monies to the border security fund: SB 1032 reads, “Appropriation; border security fund; physical border fence. The sum of $700,000,000 is appropriated from the state general fund in fiscal year 2022-2023 to the border security fund.”
  • Gun and weapon laws (SB 103).
  • SCR 1008 Designates Antifa and Antifa-related groups as domestic terrorist organizations.
  • SB 1033 relates to riot; unlawful assembly.
  • Gender identity; reassignment; prohibitions of a minor SB 1045.
  • Revising statutes regarding department of health services SB 1044..

The session begins in January. “If you like my bills,” the Senator said Wednesday on Twitter, “send them to your legislators in other states so they can copy them.”

Senator Rogers has been a vocal advocate of election integrity since the many reports of fraud surrounding the 2020 Presidential election. She has led a campaign to decertify the election in all 50 states, which Red Voice Media previously reported on. The letter to decertify has been signed by 186 legislators across 39 states.

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