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Busted: Another CNN Producer Caught, Sex Acts With With Fiancé’s Young Daughter Fantasies Exposed [VIDEOS]

It seems that CNN has been in the news more than they report the news lately.

Their reporting on major news stories hasn’t exactly been truthful or accurate, but it seems the reporting on them when they’re in the news is much more accurate.

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This one is just the latest…

Excerpt from Project Veritas email:

Project Veritas released a new story today featuring graphic texts and video provided by a source that show a producer for CNN fantasizing about molesting his fiancé’s daughter.

Here is some of what is shown in today’s video:

  • The producer in question solicited sexually explicit photos of the source’s underage daughter – in addition to fantasizing about his fiancé’s daughter.

  • The source told Project Veritas she “felt disgusted” and was compelled to come forward, because “these people with power seem to get away” with this behavior.

  • The source went to the authorities, but then came to Project Veritas after she was uncertain proper action would be taken.

  • Project Veritas has reached out to CNN for comment and at this time we’re awaiting a response.

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You can watch the short video here:

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James O’Keefe: Coming on the heels of last week’s arrest of CNN producer John Griffin on multiple counts [4] of trying to elicit unlawful sexual activity with minors. The subject of our story is another CNN producer, who had an ongoing relationship with our source for over a decade.

Janine Bonanni: My name is Janine Bonanni, and I’m currently a case manager for human trafficking victims as well as domestic violence and sexual assault.

James O’Keefe: That’s his fiance’s child.

Janine Bonanni: He sent me a photo of his daughter. It was not pornographic.

James O’Keefe: And as you’re getting these text messages, what was going through your mind?

Janine Bonanni: I feel disgusting. I feel dirty. And I reply, you know, it’s your girl’s kid, like your girlfriend’s kid. Usually, every time we text, it’s always about him wanting to see me and his stepdaughter together. But I do have a recording of him on the phone.

Voice of CNN Producer: After I’m done having my mouth on her [minor girl], I’m gonna walk up and put my crotch very close to her face, slowly unzip my zipper and just guide her head a little closer, and I’m just going to have her kiss the head. Then I’m gonna put her hand around it so she can feel what the hard flesh feels like.

Janine Bonanni: And that was just my way to, you know, get him face to face so I can actually have proof of words coming out of his mouth… He sent me a text saying I love. I love that she is getting hot. I want to taste how wet she makes you.

James O’Keefe: And he’s talking about who?

Janine Bonanni: His stepdaughter who’s 14 years old… Even about my daughter, he asked for things, and it has infuriated.

James O’Keefe: Your daughter?

Janine Bonanni: My daughter.

James O’Keefe: How old is your daughter?

Janine Bonanni: Fifteen.

James O’Keefe: We’re looking at a text message. Could you tell us what this means?

Janine Bonanni: He said, so I’m not getting mother-daughter nudes for it for this help? And when he says his help, he sent me money. He thinks because you sent me money, you’re going to get a nude photo of me and my daughter. Are you insane? I do not want this girl to be a victim… I’m not a journalist. I’m not a detective. People with power seem to get away with it… I just want this kid to be safe.

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Excerpt from Project Veritas email:

Project Veritas’ first course of action was to reach out to authorities.

Following that, we reached out to the mother of the children to ensure their safety. Project Veritas then reached out to the producer’s employer, CNN, to inform them of the situation and give them the opportunity to comment.

These revelations come on the heels of the arrest of former CNN employee, John Griffin, who was charged with three counts of using a facility of interstate commerce to attempt to entice minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity.

To protect the children, Project Veritas is not yet releasing information about certain individuals involved in the story, including the producer.

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For deeper context, watch the full video below: