SALINAS, CA – Back in November, parents, who have come under fire recently for protecting what is being taught to their children, were astonished and disturbed when a leaked audio recording revealed teachers discussing plans on how to recruit middle schoolers into a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) by tricking them. 

Although it happened last month, on Wednesday, more than 150 parents packed the Salinas school board meeting to voice their distrust in the education system and the teachers who are supposedly indoctrinating the youth of tomorrow. One of the parents, Jessica Konen, admitted that the teachers at the Buena Vista Middle School tricked her 12-year-old daughter into joining them by disguising it as an “equality club.” It was supposedly a front for a radical LGBTQ movement. 

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Blasting the school board, Konen said, “I stand here today in front of all of you because I am outraged. Is this really barely coming to light? Are you guys serious? How could you even allow this? How could you even have this meeting to question it? How dare you let these teachers come in and act as if they have done nothing wrong? A mistake? How long of a mistake?”

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Konen also revealed that the staff hid evidence that her daughter was suicidal. “They [Buena Vista Middle School officials] didn’t tell me that my child was suicidal. You allow these teachers to open their classrooms, teaching predatorial information to a young child, a mindful child that doesn’t even know how to comprehend it all. How do you not know what’s going on your own campuses? Did you think that no parent would ever come forward? You will not quiet me today. I will stand here today and protect my child along with every other child who has not come forward yet.  Do they [school officials] have psychiatry degrees that I was unaware of? Because I didn’t hire them. I did not hire them to sit there and nitpick my child’s brain. You took away my ability to parent my child. You planted seeds. Your job was to educate my child in math, science, English, etc. – Do your job and let me do mine!”

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But before Konen even spoke, her father, Gunter Konen, expressed his own concerns about how the staff has changed his granddaughter from a straight-A student to a shell of her former self. He admitted the staff filed a complaint with Child Protective Services (CPS) because they wouldn’t call the daughter, who is transgender, by the right pronouns. “They kept looking at me angrily because I kept saying ‘she,’ and [said] that it was going to take some time to process everything.” He added, “They made me feel like a monster.”

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