According to reports, the charges lodged against two jails guards who’d allegedly fell asleep on the job when Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide while in custody had their charges dropped earlier in December while the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell was still ongoing.

On December 13th, federal prosecutors filed a nolle prosequi – which is a formal abandonment of charges – against Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, the two jail guards who were charged back in November of 2019 for allegedly falling asleep and failing to conduct their rounds at the Metropolitan Correctional Center and falsifying jail records following Epstein’s death.

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According to the December 13th filing to formally end the criminal prosecution of the two, it was shown that in May of 2021 they’d entered an agreement of “deferred prosecution” where they’d purportedly engaged in “good behavior” and thus deserved to have the charges pulled.

“On or about May 20, 2021, Tova Noel and Michael Thomas, the defendants, entered into deferred prosecution agreements with the Government. Under their agreements, prosecution was deferred for a period of six months during the term of Noel’s and Thomas’s good behavior, completion of community service, and satisfactory compliance with the terms of the agreement.

The United States Pretrial Services Office has informed the Government that Noel and Thomas have complied with the terms of the agreement during the period of deferral, which expired on November 20, 2021.”

Back in May of 2021, when the formal agreement was in the works for a deferred prosecution of Noel and Thomas, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jessica Lonergan made the following statement with respect to a trial that would’ve ostensibly been closely monitored to gain further insight in Epstein’s passing.

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“After a thorough investigation, and based on the facts of this case and the personal circumstances of the defendants, the Government has determined that the interests of justice will best be served by deferring prosecution in this District.”

While the timing of the filed nolle prosequi was filed while federal prosecutors were still in the throes of Maxwell’s trial, the timing is likely coincidental due to the period in which the agreement was reached.

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However, the coincidental timing of the dropped charges doesn’t abstain from the fact that a trial where the circumstances of Epstein’s would’ve been the primary focus was summarily averted – an area of public interest where eyebrows will continue to be raised on whether the narrative prescribed is what genuinely occurred.

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