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Chief Of Staff To RINO Nancy Mace Unexpectedly Resigns As Feud With GOP Heats Up [VIDEOS]

With the GOP holding a commendable lead against the Democrats ahead of the midterm elections, it appears the Republicans are already looking to weed out the RINOs who could disrupt their chance to make positive change.

House conservatives have been at odds with the RINO from South Carolina Nancy Mace for some time now. Rep. Mace has made it a point to visit CNN several times to bash fellow Republicans and even push the miracle COVID-19 shot.

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The only problem, as Mace continues her attacks and promotes the liberal agenda, it appears those closest to her are even starting to jump ship as the wave of red is coming. 

On Wednesday, and without any warning, Rep. Mace’s Chief of Staff, Mara Mellstrom, handed in her resignation. While Mellstrom is staying extremely silent on the matter, recently, Rep. Mace has been surrounded by controversy. She has been in a constant squabble with other Republican Reps. like Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

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After Rep. Boebert made a rather tasteless but harmless joke aimed toward Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), not only did Omar demand more than an apology, but Rep. Mace rushed to CNN to denounce Boebert and members of her own party. She said, “time after time condemned my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for racist tropes and remarks that I find disgusting, and this is no different than any other. We all have a responsibility … to lower the temperature, and this does not do that.” 

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While Mace might view Boebert, her own party member, as the instigator, Omar reportedly hung up on Boebert after the Representative tried to apologize for her joke. 

And as for the future of Rep. Mace, not only did she back the Democrats on the January 6th investigation, Ingrid Centurion, who is looking to beat Mace in the GOP primary next year, blasted her for playing both sides. “She’s playing both sides. She wants to cater to all those people out there who hate and despise Trump. And we see that in her voting record and what she does.”

Nancy Mace has been known to talk out of both sides of her mouth, as evidenced the other day when she took conflicting stances on two different Big Media news outlets.

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