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CNN Confirms Producer Investigated For Being A Pedophile Has Resigned

On Wednesday, CNN officially confirmed that Rick Saleeby, the producer of Jake Tapper, resigned after a scandal broke that he supposedly solicited sexual photos of an underage girl. Following Tucker Carlson claiming CNN had a pedophile problem, the Fairfax County police have not only opened an investigation into Tapper but have seized devices from his home. 

Breaking the news on Twitter, Jack Posobiec wrote, “CNN confirms @JakeTapper’s producer has resigned.” 

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Leading to the investigation into Saleeby, Project Veritas revealed texts showing that he had fantasies about molesting his fiancé’s daughter, even commenting on the revealing clothes she wears. 

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The mother, Janine Banani, produced a recording of Saleeby supposedly saying, “…after I’m done having my mouth on her, I’m going to walk up and put my crotch very close to her face… slowly unzip my zipper and just guide her head a little closer and I’m just going to have her kiss the head, and I’m going to put her hand on it so she can feel what the hard flesh feels like.”

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Referring to the MeToo movement back in 2018, Saleeby chastised adults having relations with minors, saying, “He had already been accused of things prior. But he would make advances if there was a social gathering and they were drunk, put his arms around them, try and touch their leg. Try and build up emails to the level where he would get flirty and inappropriate. I’ll tell you this. In the climate that’s going on now, he definitely would have been fired.”

Although Saleeby wouldn’t answer questions about whether he was still working for CNN, the network was apparently quick to distance itself from their former producer.