Raheem J. Kassam, the Editor-in-Chief for The National Pulse, made a prediction that the Democrats will actually push for voters to have to present identification to vote in the 2022 midterm elections.

It’s not exactly what you might be thinking. He calls it ‘Vax to Vote.’

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In every election in recent history, the Democrats have claimed that asking for ID in order to vote is racist.

With that being said, will they go for it and attempt to pull a ‘Vax to Vote’ maneuver?

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Raheem Kassam: I want to lay some markers down for. Number one, listen to this phrase and internalize what it means. Vax to vote Vax to vote, this is what they’re going to start talking about when they realize that they can’t win the midterm election.

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Steve Bannon: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, full stop. Whoa, stop, stop. What was that phrase?

Raheem Kassam: Vax to vote?

Steve Bannon: Oh my god. What are you talking about? I didn’t even think of this. This is so great. I’m gonna steal it. I see exactly where you’re going with us. Walk me through it. I love it.

Raheem Kassam: Yeah. Yes. Well, you’ve been sending me some articles, right? Over the last couple of days, about the Democrat panic, that’s going on right now. The same situations occurring all across the western world, with these governments realizing that their publics don’t find them legitimate anymore. And so what better way to, I suppose, win your elections? Like like, you know, Vladimir Putin often does, then to disenfranchise the people that you don’t want voting. Just take them out of the equation altogether. And the best way for these people to do that is requiring a vaccination card, a vaccination, or COVID Pass for you to go to be able to vote. This is a step after, this is one step further than drop boxes and all the other measures that we saw in 2020, and I guarantee you I mean, just like everything we talked about ctcl everything before the last election. I guarantee you will be looking back at this in six months and going, yeah, they called it. They called it again on the War Room. Vax to vote is going to become a push on the political left, and from the political establishment, I guarantee that.

Steve Bannon: Wow. Smart. You connected some serious dots there. Remember the compression of time from wingnut conspiracy theory to political fact is now what Rahim 90 days?

Raheem Kassam: Yeah, I mean, look, I’ve said something on the show now that I know that Mediaite is going to write up and Media Matters are going to write up and will probably find its way into CNN or whatever. You know, Bannon and Co. spread vaccine vote conspiracy theories and then just wait, just wait when the Atlantic article comes out a month later and says, actually, you know we really do need to start thinking about Vax to vote. This is just the way it works now. So mark this date down in diary.

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This would be quite the move by Democrats considering the different races and ethnic groups, how they vote, and their jab status.

Personally, I think this move is unlikely to happen because the demographics most likely to support Democrats have lower vaccination rates.

But who knows, the Dems definitely pulled some crazy stuff in the last election. Maybe they just are crazy enough to try and pull something like this off.

The segment Raheem posted to his Twitter account came from a more extended segment which can be seen below.

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