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Dr. Zelenko: I’m Not Anti Vax, But I Am Anti Stupid, Biden Is A Demented Puppet In A Diaper [VIDEOS]

Dr. Zelenko outlines his process for weighing the use of therapeutics when treating COVID and the risk vs. benefit analysis behind it.

He also took a few jabs (pun intended) at Joe Biden.

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John Fredricks: The vax, what is your position here on these vaccines? Do they work? Or should you just wait and do the therapeutics?

Dr. Zelenko: So, first of all, Biden is a demented puppet and should be in a nursing home in a diaper, not leaving the country. But putting that aside, so his recommendations mean absolutely nothing to me. Whoever is pulling his strings, I’d like to have a conversation with them. Regarding your question, whenever I evaluate any therapeutic, I look at it from three perspectives. Do we need it? Does it work? Is it safe? And there’s a risk versus benefit analysis that needs to be done on every individual therapeutic to see if that’s the case? So let’s look at the vaccine question. I’m not anti-Vax, but I am anti stupid. And so, I like to make sure that I don’t do harm to my patients.

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That was just a short clip from a more extended interview with John Fredricks of Real America’s Voice [4].

For deeper context, you can see the full interview below.