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Elon Musk Makes Stunning Statement On U.S. Government, Violence & Capital Allocation [VIDEO]

For several months now, Tesla CEO and founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, has been very vocal about how the American government operates and if they really are using its resources to move the country forward.

Although America was progressing under the leadership of former President Donald Trump just one year ago, thanks to President Joe Biden and the Democrats, the country now faces multiple situations on every front.

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With each week presenting a new set of challenges, Musk is now joining many Americans who wonder if the government is the best suited to run and protect the country. 

In the video featured below, Musk breaks down the government to its simplest form.

While he will most likely draw some backlash from his statement, Musk admits that the government is basically the largest corporation in the world. And just what is their product – violence. 

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Although the video is only 30-seconds long, it’s rather impressive that Musk exposed the government in a simple sentence. “The government is simply the biggest corporation with a monopoly on violence, and where you have no recourse.”