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Fauci’s Mass Grave, Open Pit Of Tiny Coffins, Collateral Damage For Big Pharma Profits [VIDEO]

Among the horrifying accusations that have been brought against Dr. Anthony Fauci when it comes to unethical experiments on animals like beagle puppies, none is more startling than the claim that the doctor funded experiments on New York City orphans that involved AIDS. Being the doctor at President Joe Biden’s side, advising him on how America should react to COVID-19, Dr. Fauci’s dark past hasn’t been able to stay hidden for long as people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. continue to investigate his history. 

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Speaking on The High Wire, RFK Jr. not only talked about his best-selling book about the real Dr. Fauci, but he admitted that Cecelia Farber, a reporter, actually went to the mass grave located at a cemetery in New York state. This grave is the resting place for children who were subject to horrific experiments funded by Fauci. 

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First reported [3] back in October 2004, Fauci, through the National Institute of Health, approved experiments for hundreds of orphans located in New York City. These harmless children were subject to deadly AIDS drug trials at the hands of both government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.  

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In his new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” RFK Jr. makes some startling accusations against the doctor currently advising a sitting President. The claims are: 

As for the children, the ones that sadly passed away were buried in a mass grave in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Hawthorne, NY.

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Although some time ago, these innocent children are still remembered.