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FBI Agent Arrested In Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Case [BODYCAM]

Trying to solidify the idea that Trump supporters and conservatives are nothing more than domestic terrorists, the Democrats promoted their narrative when a plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, was busted. The stories quickly circulated how these conservatives were unhinged and capable of doing harm. Again, all feeding into the agenda that the right harbors and breeds violence. But speaking of violence, one of the main FBI agents behind the operation was not only fired from the agency but apparently assaulted his wife along the way. 

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Appearing in court via Zoom, Richard Trask pleaded no contest on Monday for a misdemeanor charge for domestic abuse that took place back in July. Supposedly, Trask spent a wild night of partying that included a swingers party which ultimately led him to abusing his wife in their home later that evening. 

While the case is still unraveling, Trask’s arrest video was recently released and can be watched below. Although Trask has lost his job, his wife is persistent that her husband is innocent. She even claimed that Trask was drugged during the party he visited. In a statement to the judge, she said, “This man has served and protected you for the past 20 years, and the prosecution has chosen to crucify him unnecessarily.”

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In his own statement, Trask added, “I cannot recall any details of the night, but I do take responsibility. As a result of this situation, I’ve lost the only career I’ve ever known.”

Online users didn’t have much sympathy for Trask as one wrote, “Wait, this guy is an FBI agent??? Seriously???? The FBI is REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel if this is whom they hire now.”

Another noted, “Isn’t this the agent that sent a text to his informant that he wanted the kidnapping plot to escalate to a murder?”