KALAMAZOO, MI – One of the lead FBI agents who worked on the Governor Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot case, who recently pleaded guilty to a criminal case of his own, apparently engaged in a profane, anti-Trump tirade on Facebook months before the alleged kidnapping plot.

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Former FBI agent (and now-convicted wife beater as of December 20th) Richard Trask was one of the lead agents associated with the purported Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot from October of 2020.

As we previously reported here at Red Voice Media, attorneys for the men indicted in the alleged kidnapping plot case have already filed motions wanting to introduce evidence consisting of text messages and audio recordings that may prove the FBI entrapped the individuals indicted.

But new information about wife-beating, former FBI agent Trask reveals that he not only hated former President Trump, but that he hated anyone who supported him. In fact, in a March 2020 Facebook post, he exclaimed that he hopes anyone who likes Trump would “burn in hell.”

“Toilet thought of the day: I’m on Michigan,” the post said. “If you still support our piece of shit president you can fuck off. As someone whose wife works in the hospital I hope you burn in hell along with your douchebag fucking reality tv star. His ego is going to kill a lot of people and anyone who supports that is a dumbass. This is what you get when you elect an egotistical/narcissistic maniac to the top office. He needs people to be nice to him or he won’t help. Fuck you, douche.”

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Michael Zweiback, who previously served as an assistant U.S. attorney in California who now runs a private practice, said social media posts such as the aforementioned should cause concern when coming from someone serving in law enforcement.

“I’m always worried about the optics because sometimes the optics can mean that there’s more going on here,” Zweiback said. “Then it becomes my responsibility as the federal prosecutor to investigate, to make sure that, ‘is this someone with just a big mouth, or is this someone who’s doing more than just spouting off on social media.’”

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Zweiback also mentioned that Trask’s Facebook post calls into question both his judgement as an FBI agent and the entire team allocated for the alleged Whitmer kidnapping plot.

“You always have the best and brightest doing those types of cases,” he said, “and so it puts a real question mark as to what was going on with the people who were supervising the investigation, number one at the highest levels, and then down the line.

“What do we know about this agent? Were there other issues of misconduct that may have been in his background?”

Outside of Trask’s profanity-laced tirades to Facebook regarding Trump, he managed to get a rather sweet deal at his December 20th sentencing regarding the severe beating his gave his wife during the early morning hours of July 18th, 2021.

Despite Trask having bashed his wife’s head into a nightstand several times, causing a severe laceration to her head, and then strangling her until she nearly blacked out, Trask was only sentenced to time served of two days in jail without any sort of probation.

Trask is, however, barred from being employed in any law enforcement organization in Michigan as a result of the sentence.

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