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Former CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Joins His Brother Andrew, Both Now Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

As we had previously reported here at Red Voice Media [1], CNN anchor Chris Cuomo got the official boot from the network following a suspension he’d received for his conduct revolving around his brother’s allegations of sexual harassment earlier in 2021.

But in the released statement from CNN regarding Cuomo’s termination, there was mention of “additional information” that had “come to light” – well, it turns out that the “additional information” that was not yet revealed at the time are sexual misconduct allegations against Chris Cuomo [2].

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On December 4th, CNN released the following statement regarding Cuomo’s firing.

“Chris Cuomo was suspended earlier this week pending further evaluation of new information that came to light about his involvement with his brother’s defense. We retained a respected law firm to conduct the review and have terminated him, effective immediately.

While in the process of that review, additional information has come to light. Despite the termination, we will investigate as appropriate.”

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However, days prior to terminating Cuomo, attorney Debra S. Katz submitted an allegation to CNN on December 1st that her unnamed client was previously subjected to sexual misconduct allegedly perpetrated by Chris Cuomo.

Katz, who pointed out that her client’s matter is completely unrelated to disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo, said that her client was once a junior colleague of Chris Cuomo.

Apparently, this unnamed client of Katz decided to come forward with her allegations after she’d heard Chris Cuomo on-air earlier in 2021, saying he “always cared very deeply about these issues, and profoundly so. I just wanted to tell you that” with regard to his brother Andrew’s then-growing scandals.

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In a statement regarding the matter, Katz said her client listened to “the hypocrisy of Chris Cuomo’s on-air words and [was] disgusted by his efforts to try to discredit these women, my client retained counsel to report his serious sexual misconduct against her to CNN.”

“My client came forward at this time because she felt in sharing her story and related documentation, she could help protect other women. She will continue to cooperate with CNN’s investigation into her allegations.”

Chris Cuomo has reportedly denied any such allegations of sexual misconduct.

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