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FULL INTERVIEW: Mark Meadows EXPLOSIVE 1-on-1 With Stew Peters

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Stew Peters sat down for a 1-on-1 with President Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.

The interview, which was originally scheduled for 10 minutes, ended up going on for nearly 40 minutes.

Peters did not hold back, going straight at Meadows with the real questions so many Americans have today.

In a recent Telegram post [2], Peters indicated he did not believe Meadows to be completely honest in his answers, but Peters pressed on during his heated questioning of the man that pushed the Trump Administration deep into Operation Warp Speed.

2020 Election, Trump’s Bioweapon Push, Vaxx Injuries and Death, Operation Warp Speed, Endorsements and Meadows’ China Ties!

All the REAL questions the “media” is SCARED to ask!

Don’t miss this EXCLUSIVE sit-down with Trump’s former Chief of Staff and Stew Peters!

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