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Government Official’s Statement On The Omicron Variant Debunks Big Media’s Entire Fear Campaign

Since the beginning of COVID-19, Big Media has been pushing a massive fear campaign against the people.

I would say the most notable tactic was the COVID death and COVID case counters constantly on the news and being broadcast into the homes of millions and millions of people.

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It was nonstop for over a year, and as a reminder, we’re now over 630 days into 15 days to slow the spread.

Fast forward, and now they’re into the latest phase of their fear campaign designed specifically to grow profits for Big Pharma…

Now introducing the latest, the greatest, it’s the Omicron scariant.

But there’s one major problem with this one. The data doesn’t add up to the levels of fear being pushed.

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Sir Desmond Swayne: How many of those who have tested positive in the U.K. are ill?

Savid Javid: The number of confirmed cases in the U.K. is 336. They are all, by definition, infected. They will have been various, some may be asymptomatic, others will be feeling ill, and none of them, so far as I’m aware, have been hospitalized.

You heard him right. Three hundred and thirty-six cases and zero, nada, zilch have been sick enough to be hospitalized.

It seems more like a case of the sniffles at worst, but it also begs the question that one commenter asked, ‘Why would an asymptomatic person even get tested?”

They weren’t the only one with comments and questions. Here’s a few more from around the internet…

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“No shit, so let’s crack on and get rid of the bloody fear you have caused.”

“Wait, what? Asymptomatic and non-hospitalized? And they want folks shitting themselves over this?”

“There’s something special about this mp Mr. Swayne as I’ve seen him on a number of occasions in Parliament with no backup & giving it to them straight down the throat & he’s so full of confidence I’m thinking he’s in the 5D zone, nothing fazes him.”

“The smile on Desmond’s face says it all.”

“Lies, damn lies, and fookin statistics…the bullshit continues IF you are stupid enough to fall for it.”

“336 infected, zero hospitalization….. it’s for your health…. unreal.”

“Tested positive with an unreliable test, even if we all test positive who actually gives a flying fook.”