During a November 30th appearance on Fox News Primetime, Senator Josh Hawley levied harsh criticisms towards Twitter’s new privacy policy that prohibits photos and videos of “private individuals” if their image was shared online without their consent.

Senator Hawley said during the appearance that this new policy by Twitter is just going to be another means to engage in censorship.

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“We ought to break them up. At the end of the day, here’s the deal: The last thing America needs is another Big Tech robber baron who doesn’t care anything for free speech, and that’s exactly what Twitter is giving us.”

As we previously reported here at Red Voice Media regarding the new Twitter policy, there are concerns that this policy prohibiting the sharing of images and videos of “private individuals” without their consent would wind up thwarting the sharing of stills and videos of BLM and Antifa riots.

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With this aspect in mind, Senator Hawley said that he suspects this new policy is going to be a tool of selective enforcement – meaning images and videos exposing those right-of-center politically won’t enjoy these protections, but those same conservatives will certainly be censored if they dare violate the policy.

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“I promise you what it won’t mean, the people whose privacy won’t be protected are normal Americans who want to express their views, particularly if they have conservative views. I promise you that their privacy won’t be respected, [and] they’ll still get censored.”

According to Senator Hawley, what’s in store for the social media platform regarding the new privacy policy will serve as another example of “rules for thee, but not for me.”

“It’s the classic what’s become the rule of the left, which is rules for thee, but not for me…They don’t follow their own standards – they never do. Here’s the other thing about Twitter: It doesn’t really matter what they write down. They don’t follow any of the rules anywhere.

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They just make it up as they go along. And the worst part is you can’t go to court to enforce it. Currently, Twitter has immunity, so if they violate their Terms of Service as to you, there’s nothing you could do about it. We should change that. You should be able to go and sue in court. And the other thing we ought to do is we ought to break them up.”

Pointing out the irony of Twitter enacting a more robust privacy policy, Senator Hawley remarked on how Twitter profits from their platform.

“Let’s just remember what Twitter does…to make their money. They track us around the web, everywhere they go, everywhere we go, they collect a dossier on us. They sell our information. They profit off of us. I promise you. They’re not going to stop doing any of that stuff.”