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With every passing day, Australia’s identity as a “democracy” becomes a more distant memory. Instead, Australia is once again the penal colony it was founded as, an island prison with 25 million people trapped inside.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has released his plan for 2022, and it basically amounts to letting him be the country’s dictator for most of the year. He wants the Australian parliament to sit for just 10 days in the entire first half of 2022.

But if Morrison loses, the alternative could easily be even worse. Morrison is from the Liberal Party, which is actually the conservative party in Australia. In Victoria state, the left-wing Labor party is in charge, and they just passed a new, ultra-extreme pandemic law. The law lets the premier declare a pandemic state of emergency, which can be extended forever three months at a time. Health officials will be able to detain specific individuals they deem a threat to public health, and they can impose fines of ten thousand dollars for violating health orders. Health officials are allowed to issue whatever decrees they want in the name of public health, and these decrees can only be nullified by a majority vote from both houses of the Victoria legislature.

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In New South Wales, meanwhile, the government has increased the fine for violating pandemic rules from a thousand dollars to five thousand dollars. If you step out of line or protest against what is being done to you, the government there will annihilate you.

But in neighboring New Zealand, the laws might be even worse. That country has repeatedly gone into insane lockdowns after detecting even one Covid case. As recently as this fall, they’ve been at levels of stay-at-home lockdown that America hasn’t seen since early 2020. It’s a hopeless fight; they can’t stay locked down forever and if they open up Covid will appear. But instead of accepting reality, they seem determined to crush the population for as long as they can.

For a long time, New Zealand had one of the most open democracies in the world. Members of parliament had no security, government buildings were open to anybody, and touring Parliament was a breeze. But now, New Zealand’s government is becoming more tyrannical, and the people are angry. So instead of easing up on lockdowns, members of the government are talking about giving themselves security, to protect themselves from their subjects.

Maria Zee is our observer on the ground in Australia. She joins us to update us on what’s happening there.

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