FLORIDA – On December 2nd, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed reestablishing a state-level civilian-military force that would be under his control, coining the proposal as the Florida State Guard. And like clockwork, liberals online are having a meltdown over the perfectly legal state-level military force – falsely proclaiming that it must be unlawful or generally expressing outrage.

In the press release from Governor DeSantis’ office regarding the endeavor to create the Florida State Guard, the $3.5 million being allocated to the effort would help support “vital emergency response services that the National Guard provides,” which will consist of approximately 200 trained civilians.

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“The establishment of the Florida State Guard will further support those emergency response efforts in the event of a hurricane, natural disasters, and other state emergencies. The $3.5 million to establish the Florida State Guard will enable civilians to be trained in the best emergency response techniques.”

When news outlet The Hill shared the report on the Florida State Guard, liberals within the comments section became unhinged – spouting off ridiculous assertions that what the Florida governor was doing could be illegal or generally nefarious.

One person on Twitter ineptly commented with “Hmmm, raising a private army is illegal, right?” while another person wrote, “Are you trying to secede from the country? Yup, he is.” Perhaps the most ludicrous take on the proposing of the Florida State Guard came from the following commenter.

“This is his own personal attack force to go in whenever there’s a protest against anti-Black racism. That’s all this is. They’ll also be shielded with the same immunities that police have. They love to talk about American being a police state, but they’re creating that police state.”

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However, these alarmists’ takes are simply completely divorced from reality – as even the press release from Governor DeSantis’ office pointed out that “By establishing the Florida State Guard, Florida will become the 23rd state with a state guard recognized by the federal government.”

State-level military forces are completely legal – and all of the other 22 states that have them are led by their respective state government (a.k.a., they’re under the control of state governors.)

For instance, the ultra-blue state California has both a state-military and state-naval division, respectively dubbed the California State Guard and the Cal Guard Maritime. New York as well, with their New York Guard and New York Naval Militia.

Even Oregon has one, dubbed the Oregon Civil Defense Force.

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But liberals commenting on Twitter can’t be held to the standard of actually knowing that these state-military forces both exist and are perfectly legal – that would just be setting our expectations too high for their competency and level of awareness.

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