The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse may have come to an end, but his full legal saga isn’t even close to being over.

After Rittenhouse was hit with a $2 million bail that was nothing short of absurd, an internet campaign raised the millions that the teenager needed to get out of jail. Now that the trial has ended without Rittenhouse violating his bail, that money is being returned, but there are now questions over who should get the cash.

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The iconic conservative Lin Wood has spoken out to say that since he raised much of the money through his Fightback Foundation, the money should be given to that organization, and he’s filed court papers to make that happen. The Rittenhouse family, however, has argued that they should be allowed to keep the money themselves.

After Rittenhouse went on Fox News to claim that Wood kept him in jail longer than necessary just to raise more money, ” a mockingbird style communist-like wave of attacks targeted” the lawyer immediately, according to our very own Stew Peters. Since the media has completely turned on Wood, Peters decided to have him on his show this week to give him a chance to defend himself.

When asked about the claims Rittenhouse made against him regarding keeping him behind bars longer than necessary, Wood said they were “unequivocally false” and that they “never happened.”

“I believe that if Fightback had not made the efforts that it made through its donors, who should receive the credit, Kyle could very easily have been in jail until the time of this trial,” Wood said, going on to lament that after Rittenhouse was acquitted, “instead of celebrating his victory, instead of thanking the Fightback donors for what we did for him, I have been subjected to what I call an assassination attempt on my character.”

“I use the word assassination because I’ve been involved for 25 of my 45 years as a lawyer in dealing with the media,” he continued. “Not one person that interviewed Kyle Rittenhouse ever called me to ask me for my side of the story or Fightback’s side of the story. ”

Wood also said that neither Rittenhouse nor his mother ever contributed to the fund to get him out on bail.

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Peters said that after working in the bail industry for years, he’s aware that “whoever posts the bail, gets the money back at the end of the trial, oftentimes minus any fines, fees, surcharges, restitution. In no case have I ever seen the bail money awarded to someone else. I don’t know why the Rittenhouse family would feel that they should be handed $2 million.”

As for the media assault on him that ensued after Rittenhouse went public with his claims, Wood said, “I think that it was a planned attack by what I would describe as the deep state. I look back at it now. And I candidly believe that I was entangled in a psychological operation that had several different purposes, one of which ultimately, was to attack my credibility. And that seemed to be the focus of the effort after Kyle was acquitted.”

Wood then said that he’s “going to sue Tucker Carlson, Fox News, I’m gonna take their depositions, I’m gonna find out exactly what they did, when they did it.”

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Find out more about what Wood thinks about the media’s attack on him by checking out his full interview with Peters here.