WACO, TX – A recent report from a local ABC outlet in Waco referred to an electronic billboard displaying data on jab-related injuries as reported from VAERS to be “controversial”. Said report from the news outlet, outside of casting a negative connotation on the billboard, also cast doubt about the jab causing injuries.

ABC outlet KXXV 25 News published the report about the “controversial” billboard on December 14th, which said billboard reads “COVID-19 Jab Injuries 913,266” while having a slight footnote mentioning Psalms 20:5 which seems to be an allusion to the company behind the billboard, Banners4Freedom.

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The ABC outlet reached out to the man who runs Banners4Freedom, Robert Agee, where the individual noted that he and his wife have managed to raise over $160,000 to have billboards just like the one in Waco set up across the country.

“November 1st of this year we had put up our first billboard in Bonham, Texas. To date, we have over 70 billboards across this nation.”

Agee said while speaking to the news outlet that information, such as that featured on his company’s billboards, needs to be broadcast more open and freely so as to afford “informed consent” to those considering getting or not getting the COVID jab.

“We’re supposed to have an informed consent in this country. When we are not informed then that has been taken from us. So much information about the adverse reactions are happening from the vaccine [is] not being communicated.”

While the report from KXXV 25 News acknowledged that the data featured on the billboard was “VAERS data” and that reported side effects from the jab have ranged from “heart attacks, miscarriages and even deaths”, the outlet opted to cast doubt on the validity of those adverse effects by way of adding the opinions from Kelly Craine with the Waco-McLennan Public Health District.

As noted in the report, it said that Craine “says anyone can report VAERS information to the CDC and it is not verified.” Craine went on to share a dismissive take on VAERS data, saying, “If a person faints even 24 hours after they have the vaccine, that can go into the system. That does not mean that the vaccine caused that.”

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Among one of the more flippant statements made in the article was that “there is no firm evidence of any” adverse reactions directly linked to the COVID jab – a notion that is easily debunked considering that severe blood clots were linked to Johnson & Johnson’s jab in April and scientists also found a blood clot problem with the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid jab in December.

Stew Peters, host of the “Stew Peters Show” which was also advertised on the same billboard that ruffled feathers in Waco, shared his thoughts with Red Voice Media over the banner deemed “controversial” by the local news outlet.

“The dangerous and deadly shots being falsely sold to the public as a ‘safe and effective vaccine’ have caused nearly three-times as many deaths in just 10 months as all previously known vaccines, combined. The public should have that information, and I applaud the efforts of Robert Agee, who should be looked upon as a First Amendment hero.

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It’s a shame that a private person has to be responsible for what pharmaceutical companies and the criminal media have failed to do, which is provide factual data for Americans to consider as this bio weapon is forced on the entire populous.”

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