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Masks Protecting People From COVID Narrative Debunked By Viral Immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle [VIDEO]

From the very beginning of the so-called pandemic, the so-called experts have been pushing the wearing of masks for protection from the Chinese virus.

They have also been repeating the phrases’ Trust the science’ and ‘Trust the experts’ every day for nearly two years.

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Now here’s the problem with all of the above, the scientists and the experts who haven’t sold out say that wearing masks does very little to protect anyone from the Wuhan virus.

In the video below, Viral Immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle does a simple little science experiment using the popular surgical masks to prove that the CCP virus can easily surpass the defense that Fauci, Walensky, the CDC, the WHO, and the like say the masks provide.

For the most part, those so-called experts have pushed wearing one mask. Sometimes they pushed wearing two masks, and occasionally some went up to even three masks.

But here’s the kicker, Dr. Bridle took it even further and added not one more mask but two more masks. Going well beyond the recommendations of Big Pharma talking heads.

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“I wear glasses. So when we breathe on, you know the lenses and fogged them up. The moisture we’re getting on there, that’s the aerosol. Scientific studies before this pandemic have shown that low-cost masks. So we’re talking about surgical masks and the cough masks we’re wearing. These low-cost masks have pore sizes that range between 80 and 500 microns in size. So huge range, right? The diameter of the virus is one micron. The largest possible small droplets that comprise a typical aerosol and two viral particles is 62 microns in diameter. So I put that in perspective. The smallest pore size is 80. So that means the largest droplet coated with the virus can pass right through now. So let me see if I can show you this. We’ve been told to use up to three masks, so I’ve got one. And I shouldn’t even be able to get all these on because one thing is interesting, actually, my right ear kinda now is permanently deformed a little bit. It sticks out from my head more than the other one. Because of all the mask-wearing, but so let me put on here’s two masks. Here’s three. I’ll put on a fourth one. I don’t know if we’ll get the fifth one on. Okay, five masks. They’re three-ply surgical masks, so 15 layers and seal it around the mouth. If this is true and aerosols come through then, this should fog up. We’ll see. Can you see the fog? Now watch this. I made a cross. Can you see my eyes through that cross? So there’s so much moisture there that you can see. Look at that cross pattern. There’s so much moisture there. So I’m not gonna say anymore, right? All I’m saying I’m just pointing to the science. So this is crazy.” – Dr. Byram Bridle

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Okay, so if one mask supposedly works, why don’t five masks work?

Stop asking questions, science denier.

Clearly, the ‘political’ is silent in ‘Trust the (political) science.

Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to the charade, as evidenced by the comments on the internet surrounding this video…

“The communist democrats don’t care about facts and logic. They only care about power, fear, emotions, and destroying their perceived enemies. They will wear masks and force mask-wearing until the people decide to end this charade themselves.”

“Common sense clearly isn’t common.”

“It’s about control, not health.”

“I recommend we all wear ten masks and get a booster every 30 days and Never leave your house for any reason. *Sarcasm”

“Funny. I point out over and over again that people literally smoke cigarettes through a filter that is 100 times as thick as a mask, and they still get all that particulate matter right through those cigarette filters.”

“The rules of science have changed. You need to throw a billion dollars or a trillion. Then the governments will listen , ok, science is now trustdescience.”

“Most only wear one mask and think they are safe! It’s utter nonsense!”