There is a reason Democrats are starting to jump ship while other top officials decide it is time to retire instead of seeking more time in Washington. It has nothing to do with serving the people and doing everything possible to move America forward, the main reason for the current disappearing acts is due to the 2022 midterm elections. Thanks to their backing of Joe Biden and the dismal job he has done as POTUS, Democrats are very aware that the GOP has a commanding lead going into the midterms. Although there is still almost a year to go, Republicans are projected to not only win but dominate the entire election. And a recent nonpartisan report continues to prove the dark days ahead for the Democratic party. 

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On Friday, the Cook Political Report was released, and already having Republicans at an advantage, the poll also shifted eight more gubernatorial races in the favor of the GOP. Labeling states from “Lean Democratic” to “Toss Up”, the report showed that key states like Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin all switched to a “Toss Up”. Just the start, other states like New Mexico, Oregon, Iowa, Maine, and South Carolina also changed to show a tight race ahead for the Democrats. 

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While the left still holds a small lead in some of the states listed above, the swift change in both Iowa and South Carolina flipped to “Solid Republican”. It wasn’t all bad news as the report showed that the Democrats will most likely keep their power in New York, but that is only a small victory as they face uphill battles on multiple fronts. 

It should be noted that the Democrats aren’t even seeking to put up a fight in Florida. With Governor Ron DeSantis wrestling COVID-19 while maintaining an economy and supporting law enforcement, the Democrats know that an attempt to beat him would most likely fail. 

As mentioned above, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the Democrats as Stacey Abrams recently announced that she would be running for Governor of Georgia once again. With the latest news, the report showed the state could be a “Toss Up” as both parties could potentially win. 

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