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Omicron Variant Situation In South Africa Hilariously Explained By British Man Living There [VIDEO]

Big Media and aspiring tyrants have gone bonkers over yet another new variant, just as everyone was waking up to the fact that the Delta Variant wasn’t as big of a deal as they made it out to be.

The timing is suspicious, to say the least.

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One British man living in South Africa just isn’t buying into all their fear porn over the Omicron Variant.

He goes on an epic rant to explain what he sees on the ground in South Africa.


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“So a dear friend of mine called me today to say she’s heard that it was going very badly in South Africa. And how are you? How are you handling it? So I’ll tell you exactly what’s happening in South Africa. Nothing. Today’s figures, total infections, total new infections in South Africa, zero. Total new infections in England? 46,000 46,000 new infections, we have zero new infections, our populations are approximately the same. Oh, but let’s blame Africa. The British have discovered a new variant in South Africa. Of course, it’s the worst of all variants. It’s dressed in a loincloth, carries a spear, and waits for you at the airport to chop your head off and crawl up your ass. So yes, let’s put South Africa back on the red list because they have zero new infections. And we have 46,000 new infections today. So South Africa will have no tourist season. THAT’S IT companies and livelihoods will be decimated yet again. I’ve already had guests canceling their Christmas and their journeys. I had guests leave today, early from Spain, because they’re now afraid they won’t be able to get back on a plane because the British have discovered a new variant in Africa. And, of course, it’s the worst variant ever. Meanwhile, we’re all sat here having no new infections and getting on quite nicely. Thank you very much. So what’s happening in South Africa? I’ll tell you. I’m going to the pub where I’m going to drink a beer which will cost me the equivalent of one pound” _British Man living in South Africa

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If, by chance, you thought he was alone in thinking all of this is entirely out of control and hysterical in nature, just take a look at what some people are saying online about it…

“I’m with you. I wish I were there; Uk is pathetic, like when a few snowflakes land on the ground flight trains, etc., delayed FFS.”

“I’m with you all the way. I fucking despise the pricks that run this country.”

“This man should be hired by every company in every country.”

“5 of the 7 African countries put on the no-fly list had days earlier rejected further delivery of the vaccines. ….You don’t even have to join the dots. They join themselves.”

“Like we didn’t no the twats were guna invent some new strain of covid to keep putting all these bullshit rules in place that I will never follow.”

“Dirty fucking nonces the lot of them.”