DuckDuckGo, a rival search engine to Google that separates itself from the competition via empowering user privacy and more robust search results, saw substantial growth in 2021 with the website averaging over 100 million daily searches – representing a 46% growth for the search engine.

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DuckDuckGo positions itself as a private alternative to search engines such as Google, asserting that it does not monitor users’ queries or online activities. Furthermore, the company does not create user profiles built upon via tracking the online activity of its users – unlike search engines like Google, who use such information to feed targeted ads.

Instead, when it comes to the world of online ads via DuckDuckGo, any delivered ads on the search engine are based purely upon contextual information related to any users’ respective searches in real time.

Basically, while Google will showcase product ads based upon someone’s activity on sites like Amazon or eBay days earlier, DuckDuckGo will only feed an ad that directly relates to what someone is searching for on their search engine in that instance.

The leap in use of DuckDuckGo from 2020 through the end of 2021 has been substantial. In 2020, the site had received 23.6 billion search queries, whereas by December of 2021, that number has jumped to 34.6 billion for the current year.

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Privacy seems to be a theme for other offerings from the company, as DuckDuckGo recently launched “Email Protection” which is an email forwarding offering that can remove trackers attached to emails and also can protect a user’s real email address.

Furthermore, the company has also released “App Tracking Protection for Android,” which enables users to block third-party trackers in their other apps from the likes of Google and Facebook.

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In a December blog post from DuckDuckGo, the company also announced the release of their own desktop internet browser that adheres to the same ideals of privacy while removing a lot of the fluff that inundates current web browsers.

“Like we’ve done on mobile,” the company announced, “DuckDuckGo for desktop will redefine user expectations of everyday online privacy. No complicated settings, no misleading warnings, no ‘levels’ of privacy protection – just robust privacy protection that works by default, across search, browsing, email, and more. It’s not a ‘privacy browser’; it’s an everyday browsing app that respects your privacy because there’s never a bad time to stop companies from spying on your search and browsing history.”

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