NEW YORK CITY, NY – Even with the facts, data, and science showing that the COVID-19 drug doesn’t do much when it comes to fighting the coronavirus, the Democrats continue to promote it as the miracle that will save the entire world. Completely engrossed by the COVID-19 hysteria, the Biden administration has spent the last 11 months trying to force mandates by turning those who are hesitant of the drug into second-class citizens. In many Democratic states, average Americans can’t enjoy a simple meal in a restaurant without showing proof they have conformed. And while they are claiming this is for the betterment of society, it appears the ones profiting are Big Pharma and the government. 

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Calling the COVID-19 drug “counterproductive, biased, and frustrating for citizens who don’t feel comfortable getting the vaccine for one reason or another”, activists and creator Ari Hasanaj founded the Project Stand Together. While adamant about fighting the government overreach and COVID-19 mandates, the organization has found unique and powerful ways to protest without violence, something Black Lives Matter could never master. 

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Accompanied by like-minded activists, the video above shows Hasanaj protesting the COVID-19 mandates inside of a Panera Bread in NYC on Friday. It should be noted that the protestors don’t insult the workers or staff. Instead, Hasanaj took a page from history and decided to do an “MLK-style sit-in”.

According to Hasanaj, the goal of the protest was not to cause violence but was to be served a simple meal without having to prove if he had been vaccinated or not. Already knowing the chances of being served was slim, the restaurant decided to lose money and actually close early instead of serving hungry people and fellow Americans. 

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