Looking at the current Biden administration, it can be rather difficult to see what their end game really is. From the start, President Joe Biden’s main agenda was to undo everything former President Donald Trump put in place. That wasn’t much of a surprise as Biden’s entire campaign was focused on how evil and horrible Trump was. But now that Biden has been in the White House for almost a year, people are struggling to understand the Democrat’s agenda as everything they touch quickly turns into a crisis. The Southern border, economy, gas prices, Afghanistan. What is even more absurd is the fact that the Democrats don’t appear to be trying to fix any of it, which led conservative commentator and radio host Jesse Kelly to a startling conclusion. 

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Although you might not be a fan of the left, it is hard to believe they wouldn’t try to fix or at least hide some of Biden’s mistakes. It is already common knowledge that the 2022 midterms are favoring the GOP heavily. And if that wasn’t bad enough for the Democrats, their time in the White House appears to be running short as the 2024 Presidential election isn’t looking good for them either. 

But according to Kelly, the Biden administration and even some Democrats might not be looking to the future as their current objective is surprisingly working flawlessly. He tweeted, “You might think the Biden Administration is a failure. But you’d be dead wrong. The communists know it’s been a huge success. Sure they’re gonna lose all power by 2024. But they know the GOP won’t reverse a thing. All Biden’s gains are permanent gains.”

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The Republicans might be set to win the Midterms and maybe even the Presidential elections, but the current agenda to strip Americans of their freedoms, force outlandish mandates, and promote government overreach could be almost impossible to overturn. And from what Kelly tweeted, that could be the master plan of the Biden administration. 

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So while President Biden might appear to be incompetent and a bumbling mess, behind the scenes, he could be the perfect pawn for communism.  

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