A report released this week by Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul outlined the amount of money wasted by the United States Federal Government during the year. The report was titled The Festivus Report 2021.

The report shows that the total amount of what Senator Paul views as wasteful government spending (as the chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Spending Oversight) to $52,598,515,585.00.

As an ode to the hit TV show Seinfeld, Senator Paul writes an “Airing of Spending Grievances,” or money Congress has authorized to spend that he doesn’t thinks should have been spent.

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“What a year it’s been,” the Festivus Report reads. “It seems like just yesterday when the national debt was $20 trillion, but now the U.S. has
managed to breeze past $28 trillion!

“This year, I am highlighting a whopping $52,598,515,585 of waste, including a study of pigeons gambling on slot machines, giving kids junk food, and telling citizens of Vietnam not to burn their trash. No matter how much money’s already been wasted, politicians keep demanding even more.”

Senator Paul writes in the report that the amount of money wasted by the government is enough to give every single person in the world $6.78. Not much to the average middle-income family, but in poorer countries, such as Afghanistan, that money could save a family from having to sell their young daughters into marriage in order to feed the rest of their family.

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“COVID 19. Total Wasted: $40,316,270,000 (and counting),” the report started.

The wastes related to COVID-19 spending included $4.29 billion in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans given to those who didn’t even qualify for them. Additionally, $36 billion was spent on unemployment insurance that was “paid improperly, with a significant portion attributable to fraud.”

According to the report, Baltimore Public Schools received $1.27 million set for Covid relief, to help with kids who weren’t even actually enrolled in the schools to begin with. “The Maryland State Department of Education says the school may have to pay the money back to the state,” the report said.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is reportedly spending $25 million of the Covid relief funds to pay 3,000 artists “to publicly display creative works in an effort to ‘resurge the cultural scene’ in the City.”

Next the report moves to “Afghanistan. Total Wasted: $3,809,900,000.”

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“The United States Department of Defense (DoD) enters into Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (ACSA) with foreign countries, “Coalition partners,” to provide them with certain supplies and services in exchange for monetary reimbursement. As such, DoD is responsible for billing and tracking countries’ usage of these goods and services. However, DoD apparently forgot about that part,” Senator Paul wrote.

The total amount that should have been billed for other countries (17 of them, reportedly) using American aircraft was $773 million.

The report outlined $87.9 million spent for Afghan farming systems that were vastly unused or improperly used. The report said, “[The U.S. Agency for International Development] paid for 72 farmers to receive a drip irrigation system, including the pipes, wheelbarrow, 2,000-liter water tank, a 5kw generator, and the equivalent of $53 to pay for installation.41 All told, the program amounted to an $87.9 million investment by Uncle Sam. In 2020, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) audited the program and found only 25 of the 72 farmers actually installed their systems. Of the 25 who did install them, 92% (23 farmers) were not using the systems as intended.”

Further, “Our military spent $549 million worth of your taxpayer dollars on aircraft for the Afghan Air Force, just for them to be junked a few years later at a “scrap” value of $40,257, according to the report.”

The US also spent over $2.4 billion on buildings that are sitting unused in Afghanistan. Even if they are to be used in the future, they’ll now be used by terrorist enemies of America.

Finally, the “Miscellaneous” report, which states, “Total Wasted: $8,472,345,585.”

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While the Biden administration fails to address the crisis at the United States-Mexico border, “In fact, $250 million of your taxpayer dollars are going to building borders in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman…So, in the December 2020 blow-out appropriations bill, Congress spent $250 million on ‘enhanced border security’ in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Reportedly, “the United States Embassy in Seoul is allocating up to a $150,000 grant to send ten Koreans aged 15-30 to Washington, D.C. for two weeks to learn about climate change activism. The free trip will include meetings with government agencies, non-profits, US-based
companies, and more to discuss how the US is addressing climate change.60 But, last time we checked, it’s free to participate in meetings. So, what else could this money be used on?”

The rest of the high-spending list includes $4.5 million for animal testing on ferrets, $2.1 million to California residents to get rid of wood burning fireplaces, $182,741 to translate American books into Georgian for the country of Georgia to learn to speak English (although our own Georgia and other US States were largely shut down for the beginning of 2021), and $2.4 million on a film about dinosaurs to “’inspire’ middle schoolers to build interest in STEM.”

Then comes the pigeons: “That’s right, NIH granted Reed College of Portland, Oregon $465,339 to create a tokenbased economy where pigeons are taught to gamble with slot machines.”

Plus $11.3 million “to tell the people of Vietnam to stop burning their trash…reduce environmental pollution in targeted areas across Vietnam, which will include encouraging locals to stop burning their trash, promoting recycling, and working with schools to get kids to ‘influence households’ improved environmental decision-making.”

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“Congress gave the Wilson Center, which throws swanky parties for members of Congress, $14 million,” the report said.

It also said, “[T]he National Institute on Aging (NIA) used nearly $1.3 million taxpayer dollars over the course of 5 years to study how hearing good or bad news affects your happiness. Though each person’s emotions are unique, the Federal government is still trying to find one common answer, and make you foot the bill.”

And finally (for our purposes…there are plenty more money wasters to read about in the report!), “The federal government spent $361,000 to see if letting kids eat junk food makes them want more.”

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