On the evening of December 6th, Rep. Paul Gosar took to Twitter to tell his followers to “go to Gab” following reports of right-wing accounts being purged from the social media platform without warning.

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Published author and Breitbart News contributor Allum Bokhari shared details and screenshots of accounts being purged from Twitter on December 6th, detailing how odd it was that numerous accounts were seemingly axed simultaneously and suggested there may be an algorithm behind it.

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“New Twitter leadership appears to be purging right wing anon accounts,” he tweeted. “No pretext could ban all of these accounts at the same time. Some kind of new banning algorithm has been deployed, probably using network analysis to suppress an entire cluster at once.”


Bokhari’s thread on Twitter continued from there, saying that he’s learned from various sources that accounts people have never even tweeted from were getting banned – leading Bokhari to believe that simply following the wrong people on the platform could get someone banned.

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He said, “Sources reporting that accounts they’ve never even tweeted from have been banned. Suggests this purge is based on who you follow, not what you’ve tweeted. Censorship via network analysis. Wrote about this at length in [Deleted] — it’s how they suppress whole movements at once.”

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In the author’s mind, this purge directly correlates to the ushering in of the new Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal.

In a tweet shared by Gab’s official account on Twitter, a statement from Gab CEO Andrew Torba claimed that Twitter is logging the IP addresses and device IDs of purged Twitter users to further prevent them from starting new accounts on the platform.

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“Here’s the thing,” Torba said. “If you were purged from Twitter tonight they have your IP and Device IDs stored, so even if you go back they will quickly ban you again. This was about taking out an entire network node of people at once. They have that network node mapped and saved to prevent it from building back up. Instead of going back and getting banned again, stay here and build.

“We can’t afford what happened today to happen again during an election season. You’re not influencing inner city liberals on Twitter, but with Gab you can build real community and get access to information you would never find on Twitter.”