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Shocking VAERS DATA (Jab Injuries/Deaths) Nears 1 Million, Underreported 4-5X – Dr. Peter McCullough [VIDEO]

The so-called experts that they trot out on Big Media have beaten the ‘safe and effective’ vaccine drum for so long that many actually believe what they are saying is true.

Well, we’ve all heard the phrase ‘none of us is as smart as all of us,’ and the crowdsourced data in the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) [1] completely dispels that narrative.

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Dr. Peter McCullough: This is VAERS, vaccine adverse event reporting system. And we know in that system these are certified by the CDC. So the red box report comes up once a week. It’s certified by the CDC. That means all these events really happened because they come in as temporary VAERS numbers, and then they vet them. We know from a paper by Meisner and colleagues before COVID that about 86% 85% of these reports are done by doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals. And also, the pharmaceutical manufacturers, only about 14-15% are done by the patient themselves.

Joe Rogan: How did they arrive at that number of under-reporting? There was a Harvard study that showed under-reporting being as high as 1%. Meaning what they only report 1%

Dr. Peter McCullough: Right. So the Harvard study was the with the HPV or human papillomavirus vaccine.

Joe Rogan: That’s all it was about?

Dr. Peter McCullough: Yeah. And the idea is, well, parents and kids are getting it and what have you, so is probably gross. There’s probably gross under-reporting there. COVID, people, are on edge, right? And so what CMS is the CMS data basically, you know when someone got the shot, and you know, and they so we know what proportion of the US population are CMS recipients, so by extrapolation can calculate what the real number is. So the real number at the time they filed the numbers round about 45,000 compared to what was in VAERS. That’s how we can get to the under-reporting relationship of four to five. And we think that’s a fair number. Four to five is probably a fair number.

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Data from OpenVAERS [1]:

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The above numbers are only the ones that are being reported.

Many healthcare workers don’t even know that it’s required for them to report adverse events.

The audio that was on the VAERS clip above came from the full podcast with Dr. Peter McCullough and Joe Rogan:

Dr. Peter McCullough On The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast (FULL SHOW) [6]