SAN DIEGO, CA – According to reports, PlayStation Network’s Senior Vice President of Engineering George Cacioppo was fired from his role at the entertainment software company following his appearance in a pedophile sting video on YouTube earlier in December.

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The video in which Cacioppo appears portrays him as attempting to meet a 15-year-old boy for illicit purposes. Instead, Cacioppo came face-to-face with an independent pedophile sting group called People V Preds.

Red Voice Media has obtained some of the alleged chat logs where Cacioppo was conversing with this decoy posing as a child, and the context of the messages exchanged are frankly disturbing.

Cacioppo and the decoy appeared to have linked up on the dating app called Grindr, which caters specifically to those within the LGBT spectrum.

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Screenshots of exchanged messages suggest that Cacioppo was using the screenname “Hosting BJ 4 U” when he started messaging the decoy posing as a minor.

Cacioppo’s first series of alleged messages to the decoy included “Love to suck you” and asking the decoy if he has any “cock photos” before sharing a picture of his own face.

Image Credit: People v. Preds

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The messages became progressively more unsettling from there, with Cacioppo allegedly asking the decoy whether he liked giving or receiving fellatio – then inquiring about the decoy’s “first time.”

Additional screenshots show that the decoy informed Cacioppo that his father was currently at work and that he was “just trying to get out of the house.” In response, Cacioppo allegedly replied inquiring about more salacious details about the decoy’s sexual experiences as a minor.

Shortly thereafter, Cacioppo purportedly asked whether the decoy posing as a 15-year-old boy was “trying to get out now” with respect to leaving his home to meet him.

Image Credit: People v. Preds

When the decoy conveyed that he was interested in leaving his house, Cacioppo allegedly asked whether the person he believed to be a minor wanted “to suck or get sucked.” After the decoy responded with “both,” Cacioppo replied with “nice” and requested some photos of the decoy’s genitalia.

Image Credit: People v. Preds

A short back-and-forth transpired on the Grindr app, with the decoy urging Cacioppo to give him his phone number so that way they could text directly.

After some brief hesitation, Cacioppo purportedly conceded, and swapped phone numbers with the decoy he presumed was a minor. In one of the text exchanges, the decoy got Cacioppo to take a selfie by suggesting the previously provided photo could be a fake one.

Once again, after some hesitation, Cacioppo afforded a selfie – where he is ironically wearing a PS5 shirt that was likely obtained via his employment with Sony’s PlayStation Network.

Image Credit: People v. Preds

Messages thereafter showcase Cacioppo allegedly telling the decoy, whom he believed to be a 15-year-old boy, that he’d like to engage in “cuddling, kissing, mutual oral” after the decoy arrives at his house.

Image Credit: People v. Preds

In one of the final exchanges between the decoy and Cacioppo,  the decoy informed Cacioppo that he was minutes away and wanted to meet outside of Cacioppo’s home so he could “feel more safe.”

Image Credit: People v. Preds

Shortly thereafter, the confrontation caught on video seen here occurred.

Following the release of the video on December 3rd, Sony revealed in a statement that Cacioppo was no longer employed with the company.

“We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment.”

As of this writing, it is unclear whether San Diego Police are taking any action regarding the matter.

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