Before his anticipated interview with former President Donald Trump that is set to take place on Wednesday, Brexit leader Nigel Farage decided to sit down with “The War Room” host Steve Bannon. Although Farage is set to shower Trump with questions about Boris Johnson, Meghan Markle, and most importantly,  his future in politics, he decided to discuss the 2020 election and how it is having a negative impact on Republican voters.

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Bannon quickly shut down the monologue and gave Farage a dose of reality. 

In the video, which is featured below, Farage, like most of the media, suggests that America should just move past the 2020 election. It doesn’t matter that audits are still taking place and there is evidence that major election fraud led to Biden becoming allegedly one of the most voted-for Presidents in history.

According to him, we should all just move on. 

While that narrative might be accepted by the mainstream media, Bannon wasn’t having it as he interrupted Farage, saying, “OK. You’ve always been anti-establishment. The establishment will say, ‘Oh, we just got to focus on the future and new laws.’ That is incorrect. There is only one way to do this.

“And you know how determined I am Nigel. I will never give up on this. We will get to the bottom of 3 November… If we allow the largest, most powerful nation on Earth to just sit there and say, ‘Hey they stole it and we have to change a few laws, and focus on the future,’ we don’t stand for anything… How can we look these people in the eye and say, ‘Yeah, it was too hard. It was too much?’ How can we do that, sir?…”

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Farage would try again to push people away from wanting to uncover the truth about the 2020 election, but not backing down, Bannon cut him off again. “Nigel, brother, brother, brother, brother. You have not been watching. That is the Republican Party establishment. What costs us in Georgia is we had two candidates that would not get to the bottom of 3 November.

“If they would have stood up one time you would have had 100% participation. People are not going to come out if you say, ‘Yeah we know it was a problem and we’ll solve it in the future.’ The future is now, brother Farage! I got to get you to The War Room more often… Nigel, brother, brother, brother. You’re talking to me. What are you talking about? You’re not on FOX. Please stop!”

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