WASHINGTON, DC – We’re now going on 11 months since the events of January 6th at the Capitol and there are still investigations going on related to the matter, particularly with the efforts being taken by the House Select Committee tasked with beating this proverbial dead horse.

There’s a website dedicated to this House Select Committee that is publishing media releases every few days, talking about who is getting subpoenaed to appear before the committee or who they’re eyeing down for contempt of congress charges.

Just taking a quick glance at the people this House committee is issuing subpoenas for really details just how ridiculous this “investigation” has gotten.

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For instance, in late November, the House Select Committee subpoenaed Enrique Tarrio – even though the letter informing Tarrio about his subpoena requiring his appearance before the House committee notes he was arrested on January 4th for a December incident of burning a BLM banner and was thus “prevented from participating in the events” of January 6th.

The House Select Committee literally admits Tarrio wasn’t there but they want to depose him because there were purportedly other Proud Boys present and charged for various offenses related to January 6th.

Then there’s the ridiculous subpoena sent to Roger Stone – another person who the House Select Committee admits wasn’t even in the Capitol on the day of the incident.

Not to mention the subpoena sent to Alex Jones, which the House committee admitted that he didn’t do anything illegal on January 6th and that he was even “recorded telling people not to be violent.” But it seems that this House committee wants to shame Jones for having “repeatedly promoted President Trump’s allegations of election fraud and urged people to come to Washington, D.C.”

This nonsense over continuing an investigation into the events of January 6th is just getting ridiculous.

It’s been nearly 11 months since the incident at the Capitol and there isn’t much more that can possibly be learned about it.

Clearly, it has already been determined that four people died on January 6th at the Capitol: and they were all Trump supporters.

Obviously, everyone knows about the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt. Outside of Babbitt, there was Rosanne Boyland who accidentally overdosed on amphetamine as well as Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips who both suffered heart attacks.

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While some police officers suffered injuries with skirmishes along various areas of the Capitol – no officer died of any sustained injuries.

And as of November, there have already been over 700 people charged with a variety of offenses – many of which were misdemeanors – which is quite a lot of individuals charged for what can ostensibly be called a protest where portions broke off into a single riot.

Keep in mind, this was such a disastrous event (sarcasm inserted) that members of Congress were able to reconvene in the very building where the incident took place four hours later.

Seriously, taxpayer dollars have been wasted on spending 11 months looking into a few-hour riot (which paled in comparison to ones from months earlier all over the country).

There was less time devoted looking into the late-May 2020 riots in Minneapolis that lasted days and resulted in numerous businesses and a police precinct being burned to the ground.

Furthermore, less time was spent on investigating the siege of a police station and several city blocks in Seattle last summer, then dubbed as the CHAZ/CHOP zone, and people were literally murdered during that siege.

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Throughout the latter half of 2020 in Portland, the city looked more like a scene out of Escape from New York rather than a modern-day American city – but Democrats still want to beat the dead horse that is January 6th for what amounted to an aggressive, unguided tour of the Capitol for the most part.

Honestly, it would be hardly shocking if this “investigation” into January 6th keeps going as we head into the 2022 midterms.

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