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Time to Arrest Covid Tyrants: Notice: Public Officials Are Committing Felony Crimes

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Will there ever be any real accountability for all the suffering our leaders have imposed on ordinary people in the past two years? Yes. Absolutely. Read the word of God, and you’ll know this to be true.

Karen Kingston is back with us again. This time, she wants to offer our listeners her guide for making a criminal complaint against state and local politicians who are power-tripping by exploiting Covid-19 to issue illegal mandates against American citizens.

Title 18 of the United States Code, Sections 241 and 242 criminalize conspiracy against rights and the deprivation of rights under color of law. In order words, they make it a criminal offense for public officials to go beyond the limits of their authority to strip away the public’s rights. The law applies to police, judges, elected officials, and yes, public health officials as well as health care providers at public facilities.

Still, is there a way to make is so penalties that should happen actually do happen? Karen Kingston thinks it’s possible. She joined the show to discuss.

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