Michael Rapaport used to be a somebody in Hollywood, but those days have long been over.

Now he just whines like an emotional child on the internet.

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If there’s ever been a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, this has been has a full-blown case.


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“And you Let’s Go Brandon people, stop screaming Let’s Go Brandon. Joe Biden can’t hear you. That motherfucker doesn’t know what’s going on. Let’s Go Brandon. Oh, Let’s Go Brandon. Why don’t you just say Fuck Joe Biden? Why don’t you get the balls to say Fuck Joe Biden? Scared of getting suspended? You think you’re so clever? Let’s go Brandon. I can say, pig dick, Donald. You say let’s go Brandon. I go, Dickstain Donald. Those names are better than your little haiku. Let’s go Brandon. I say Pig dick Donald. Draft dodging Donald. I’m a dick, Donald.” – Michael Rapaport

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Folks that is what mentally unstable looks like.

He is unstable and not very bright as he entirely misses the deeper story behind ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’

You see, ‘Fuck Joe Biden’ is just a verbal formulation of an emotional feeling, but ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ leads into a story of how fake Big Media really is. It ties into their propaganda ways and their coverage for the Biden Regime.

Rapaport doesn’t seem to understand that it did start as ‘Fuck Joe Biden,’ but evolved into ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ when NBC reporter Kelli Stavast attempted to cover for Joe Biden when a NASCAR crowd was chanting the profane FJB version by stating they were yelling the LGB version that now triggers low emotional IQ dullards like Michael Rapaport.

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According to the comments we’ve seen online about this clip, very few people take the washed-up actor very seriously…

“This guy needs therapy.”

“From someone who can’t even let go of the fact Trump is not prez, and also screamed fuck Donald Trump for 4 years. These people are retarded!”

“Words resonate vibrations, fuck Joe Biden vibrates very low, where let’s go Brandon vibrates extremely high.”

“Nah, “Let’s go Brandon” pisses you off more. It’s also global. The meme is extremely effective!!”

“He can say that because the entire media establishment is on his side. Then he has the nerve to complain about us. The wee smile about getting suspended gave it away. He loves that his side makes the rules.”

“I think he needs another booster shot.”

“They don’t get it, do they! All he’s done today is weaken the Democrats further. He’s just announced to the world how much Let’s go Brandon irritates them. There’s only one way to respond: LET’S GO BRANDON!!”

“As usual, these imbeciles miss the whole point of Let’s Go Brandon.”

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